BAT Technician Training-Online

205 BAT/EBT Course (for RBT IV and RBT VXL only) Online
This fully online course is available for the RBT IV/Alco-Sensor IV and the Alco-Sensor VXL instruments and qualifies for both DOT initial BAT training and DOT BAT refresher training.  The course includes:
  • 49 CFR Part 40 Rules & Regulations via online Computer Based Training
  • Instrument Proficiency orientation via online Computer Based Training
  • 7 online mock tests via web cam
  • Quality Assurance Plan instruction
  • Accuracy Check instruction

Once the student has successfully completed the online self-study components then a time will be scheduled for an Intoximeters Corporate Trainer to monitor the student performing 7 error-free mock alcohol collections to complete the Instrument Proficiency component of the BAT training. For this portion of the class you must have a working EBT instrument with printer and a valid (not expired) dry gas tank.

Intoximeters will send check sheets and a sample logbook prior to the video conference.  Student(s) must have an adjustable webcam and a high speed internet connection set up and working prior to the webcam session.  In addition, it is required for the student to have a working EBT instrument with printer, a valid dry gas standard with regulator and a partner who can act as a subject for the mock tests.  If 2 people are being trained, you will act as subjects for each other.
Class will be from 8:00am-12:00pm.
Cancellations and Transfers:  Confirmed registrants who cancel during the two-week period prior to the first day of the course are subject to forfeiting the entire fee.  Confirmed registrations who transfer to another scheduled class location within 10 days of the start of the course are subject to a service charge.
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