(Used) Micro Audiometrics ES3S (Screening) with Hand switch.

$ 548.00 $ 1,067.54

Whether being carried from location to location or being used at a fixed site, the Earscan 3 Screening Audiometer’s size makes it a perfect fit. This lightweight, truly portable audiometer is equally at home in the palm of your hand or taking up a fraction of the work space of other “portable” audiometers.

With the Automatic Screening function, simply set the frequencies and levels you want to test, and the audiometer will only test
those specific frequencies and levels. This provides for a quick exam to ensure the test subject can hear at the specified level.
The Earscan 3 is a fully programmable audiometer, allowing customization of the entire test procedure, from the intensity step
size to the frequencies selected for testing.

Operator to patient communication (talk-over) is built in, allowing test instructions to be presented via the headset. Calibration
is password protected to ensure the integrity of data. Built in calibration reminders ensure the validity of test results. Upgrade ability ensures that the Earscan 3 will meet both current and future needs.

In addition to the above features, the High Levels Option allows for testing of patients with a more profound hearing loss. The Dual Headset Option provides the ability to have two headsets calibrated to the same unit, allowing the use of both the standard TDH-39 headset as well as optional insert earphones. Data can be transferred to a printer via RS-232 interface or to a PC via USB interface.

With one of the longest warranties on the market, you can be sure
the Earscan 3 will serve you now and in the years to come.

Update on COVID-19


Hello Everyone!


With the continual measures being taken nationwide to ensure safety in this time of pandemic, we would like to assure you that we are still here to provide services to help you. Our business will remain open for the foreseeable future as an essential business aiding occupational health for our communities and beyond.


We have updated our course schedule for CAOHC, NIOSH, BAT and UDS. If you were signed up for a class during the months of March and April, your payment can be transferred to any of our other course dates, ensuring you'll be able to get the certification you need. We still have a full list of courses and are working to reschedule the dates we've had to cancel.


Our 24/7 COHS Textline Number (667-771-2647) is available for equipment and program questions so you never have to miss a step in your testing.


We still have a stock of Ear Cushion Covers, ready to be shipped. Right now, we are offering quantities of 250, 500 and 1,000. Call, email or text us to place an order and we'll get it mailed the same day!


Stay safe!


Course Schedule Changes & COVID-19


 With the current surge of COVID-19 and the subsequent measures to lessen the spread, we know things have been growing increasingly difficult for all of us. We want to extend our appreciation for your patience during this time. In the need to keep everyone as safe as possible, we have made modifications to our Course Schedule.  


Currently, we have moved all of our training out of March and April, and have begun to make changes to the schedule from May onward, in order to meet the location requests we've received.


Moving forward, our site will continue to have the most up-to-date information on how we are handling these mounting COVID-19 concerns in regards to our NIOSH, CAOHC, BAT and UDS classes.


Our staff is still working to help you fulfill your equipment needs in this trying time.


ACOEM Advises Suspension of Routine Occupational Spirometry Testing


Quoted from a message ACOEM President Stephen A. Fangos, MD, MPH, FACOEM released yesterday:


"during the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) believes it is prudent to suspend spirometry testing in the workplace, unless it is determined to be clinically essential, due to the significant risk of transmitting COVID-19. Spirometry tests require performance of a forced expiratory maneuver which could spread droplets in the air if an infected person is tested, even if asymptomatic."


We sincerely hope that our friends and clients take the necessary precautions to keep COVID-19 from spreading any further.


You can read the full advisory here: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/ACOEM-Advises-Suspension-of-Routine-Occupational-Spirometry-Testing-During-COVID-19-Pandemic.html?soid=1102647720683&aid=idWxyX21cJ4



A New Step in Customer Service!

One of our highest priorities here at Chesapeake Occupational Health Solutions has always been our customer service, and while we are available over the phone or through email in a matter of minutes, we wanted to be able to provide assistance to our clients even faster than ever before! Introducing the COHS 24/7 Text Line!


Simply send a text to 667-771-2647 (C-O-H-S) to be instantly connected to our highly skilled and helpful staff! Whether you're having testing issues and need the solution ASAP or you just simply need to place an order for U-Tubes, we're here to assist you anytime!


Troubleshoot your equipment, send a picture of the problem, ask questions and place an order all through your smartphone with the

 COHS 24/7 Text Line


Text 667-771-2647 (C-O-H-S)



The More You Know...

After January 14, Microsoft will no longer administer support or security updates for Windows 7.  How will this effect you?  If your company uses a Benson Audiometer, you will need to make sure your software can support your instrument.  While it may seem like you still have time to get this done, you do not want to become vulnerable to viruses that could spoil data.  Give us a call to purchase your upgrade assurance if you have not already!  We can also answer any questions you may have regarding your instrument and its software.

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