Depisteo VT1 - Occupational Health Edition

The VT1 models include: Acuity binocular and monocular in Snellen, Landolt rings, both 20/20 to 20/100, Ishihara Color Plates Binocular & Monocular, Acuity Distances Far, Intermediate, and Near, Peripheral Vision and Central Visual Fields, Depth Perception, Fusion, Phorias, Amsler left & right eye, Contrast Test, Astigmatism, and Dusk/Night acuity testing.  

It also features 2 lenses for easy testing for wearers of progressive glasses, built in head sensor for standby mode when not in use, coupled with the LED technology, and its Easy software interface with export capabilities to EMR softwares, Excel & CSV reports, Pass/Fail Scoring, add custom Logo, customize testing sequences - making the Depisteo VT1 the most robust and reliable vision screener on the market.

New Office

We have moved to a larger office to accommodate more employees as well as a larger classroom for training.  While our new city is Hanover, MD, we only moved about 1 mile from our old office in Glen Burnie, MD.  If you are in the area, stop by and see it for yourself!


Chesapeake Occupational
Health Solutions

7504 Connelley Drive Suite "E"
Hanover, MD 21076
Ph: 410-360-6120